The adventure begins in 1984


The beginnings, companionship

Curious and motivated by a great thirst for learning, Alexis Paoutoff started his Odysée with the Compagnons de France. Touched by the spontaneity and interest of this born artist, they adopted the concept and helped to nurture it. Alexis, with the acquired know-how he became skilful with his hands that worked on wood with a passion. At 35 years of age he created his own workshop. Charged with a flawless creative fervor, he imagined, created and invented many concepts and works of furniture. His work is now recognized and crowned with many distinctions.


A passion patented

Alexis Paoutoff continued questioning & researching. With his concept he reinvented the hotel industry and gave a new lease of life to business tourism by offering resistant and ingenious products. The hotel became a workplace. After nineteen years of research and development to develop this unique and revolutionary concept, LiftSecurity was born. Protected by several international patents (4 in total), Conference® gave spaces a new dimension. Conference® is based on a self-supporting mechanism with retractable legs that requires no attachment or anchor point. This system has been installed in many hotel establishments (Hilton, Radisson, Concorde, Novotel, Best Western …)


The hotel business

1985 was a first step into the hotel business and the beginning of a long collaboration in the industry. For Alexis Paoutoff, to achieve comfort & beauty while respecting the constraints imposed by the world of hospitality became more than a challenge and developed into  a passion. The first hotel contract was with the Pullman de Nice where Alexis Paoutoff designed the furniture and the decoration of the hotel. This stepping stone was followed by no less than thirty nine hotels in a space of 5 years.



Conference® at the service of the Olympics of Marseille

In 2009 Conference® equipped the new Olympique de Marseille players building at the Commanderie to accomodate 20 players and 40 of the complete team in comfortable and functional rooms which offered great flexibility. The rooms were all equipped with the concept where space has the flexibility to convert from rest rooms to work place. This innovative furniture had once again proved its ability to meet the many needs of flexibility and optimization of spaces.


1990 saw the Birth of the Conference® concept or the Conference® room that initiated another way of operating hotels. Versatile furniture to evolve without moving. The latter metamorphoses to turn the place into an office in the day and a bedroom at night. In the day the bed becomes cabinet and console a work table. This concept was a great success with professionals. Subsequently, several adaptations emerged, lighter, more personalized and more luxurious (Range Dimitri, Xavier, Manon, Natacha, or Marousia).


The first mattress

2012 saw the first mattress that fits perfectly with the Conference® concept. It has a unique carbon thread interweave with a bamboo viscose textile. The meeting with Beckaert Deslee, textile manufacturers, will announce the preamble of the history of Naturaliterie®.


Distinctions & Awards

4 registered international patents with 23 models & brands

  • Paris : House of International creators / innovators – 1984
  • Chicago USA : VIA (Valeur, Innovation, Ameublement) – 1985
  • Troyes : concept of CONFERENCE® and the Anastasia sofa – 1994





Alexis is a passionate & creative artist, in love with the beautiful work.

Frédéric POT


The art of mattresses handed from father to son  …. Frédéric puts all his know-how at the service of a large and demanding clientele.

Bekaert Deslee


Textile company founded in 1892, specialized in the manufacture of mattress fabrics and mattress covers.