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Get rid of your dust mites’ allergies

* Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus

While bedding is very important for our sleep, until recently, few people were interested despite the important scientific work that has been and is being conducted to better understand its role.

At Naturaliterie, while we want to bring comfort and a personal experience, we also want to contribute to your health. Our bedding is made of an innovative fiber : Purotex™ in which probiotics have been integrated. These fibers are contributing to a healthier natural sleep.

Let’s explore the science behind our incredible fiber.

When probiotics are “cleaning-up” your bedding

A clinical study (Published in a peer review journal1) conducted in 2017 by the University of Ghent in Belgium on evaluating Purotex™ on dust mites Allergic Rhinitis. The study has been essential in the support of our work to help you to sleep well.

Allergic rhinitis affects up to one-third of the adult population and causes illness and disability world-wide. Main symptoms include sneezing, rhinorrhea and nasal obstruction. Allergic rhinitis is often accompanied with conjunctivitis, characterized by watery, itchy and sometimes red or swollen eyes. House dust mite allergens are one of the most relevant indoor allergy triggers.

Treatment of Allergic rhinitis consists of symptomatic medications (mainly antihistamines and corticosteroids) and allergen-specific immunotherapy in more severe cases.

In laboratory setting, Purotex™ treated fabric showed a reduction of 89.3% of Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (One of the most frequent mites in our houses) levels compared with untreated fabric. However, up to 2017, the effect of these probiotics-impregnated covers had not been tested in a clinical trial.

The clinical trial was set out to perform the effectiveness of Purotex™ covers to reduce dust mite allergen levels in bedding, and to improve allergy symptoms and quality of life of patients with Allergic rhinitis to dust mites.


The probiotics-impregnated covers and the untreated (placebo) covers were use with patients with Allergic rhinitis to dust mites (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus) for 6 months. During that time sample of the bedding were collected and analyzed and symptom evaluation were conducted on the patients.

Purotex textile treatment contains five different probiotic and natural (not genetically modified) bacterial strains of Bacillus species. The probiotic spores are encapsulated in microcapsules, which are diffusely inserted in the textile. Upon friction forces between the cover and the sleeper’s body, a small number of the microcapsules rupture and release their probiotic bacteria.



With the probiotics-impregnated covers, there was a significant overall improvement compared to placebo of several symptoms and quality of life with allergic rhinitis to dust mites patients.

This clinical study and other studies (atopic dermatitis2, allergic rhinitis3) have shown the positive effect of probiotics for the treatment or prevention of diseases.

Our immune system is very sophisticated and if dysfunctional we then are susceptible to many diseases such as infections and to catch “everything that is around”. Instead of treating the disease with a drug we can prevent them by boosting our immune system. Probiotics have an important role to play to enhance our natural defenses and increase our quality of life.

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Probiotiques naturels



At Naturaliterie we continue the experience of good night hygiene even further. The benefits of probiotics on allergic rhinitis thus proven, we associate them with our other 4 components present in our tick: carbon wire, phase change materials (PCM), bamboo and linen.

This complementarity of these 5 ingredients offers you a real passport for a pure and healthy hygienic bedding.

They bring adapted and sure answers to the little disorders of your life. Inseparable, they are the precious allies of your sleep and therefore your health.